shutterstock_2314276The MN Act Early Team and Act Early Ambassador are dedicated to supporting and promoting health and wellness amongst families in Minnesota. We are focused on a health education campaign which raises awareness on childhood development and education on developmental milestones in Minnesota. We are working to:

  • Continue developing the statewide Minnesota Act Early Network.
  • Conduct outreach to diverse communities. This includes promotion and translation of materials into multiple languages and supporting the work of MN Act Early Delegates.
  • Delivery of information through lectures and webinars. Check out our latest webinars including “Building Connections with Hmong Families: Culturally Competent Approaches to Child Development” (FFI see
  • Create Presentations for numerous groups which have so far included Head Start, Parents in Community Action, Minnesota Social Services Association, and Early Childhood Family Education, as well as the AUCD 2014 Annual Conference where a poster session, “Engaging Communities One State at a Time: Promotion of ‘Learn the Signs. Act Early.’


We are working regionally in the state of Minnesota to implement the 4 goals of the CDC national “Learn The Signs. Act Early.”

1) Increase awareness of both developmental milestones and signs of potential developmental delay or autism.

2) Increase understanding of the benefits of early intervention.

3) Increase conversations about development and potential signs of a disability between parents and providers.

4) Increase planning and action when developmental delays are suspected.

For more information on the national campaign, check out CDC’s “Learn the Signs. Act Early” Fact Sheet

If you would like to partner with us, want to get involved, have questions or have an idea of how we could provide better outreach to communities in MN, Please contact us here


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