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As teachers and educators working with young children, you are an incredibly valuable resource for children and their families. If you observe that a child is not developing or learning like the other children, it is best to talk about this with the parents and make a referral to Help Me Grow MN.



The CDC offers a wide variety of tools to help you track and notice developmental milestones and tips on communicating concerns with parents including:

  • A free online continuing education training course called “Watch Me! Celebrating Milestones and Sharing Concerns,” This course comes in 4 Modules and is specifically designed for educators and early education providers. Click here.
  • A kit for early childhood educators to use called “Go Out and Play!” This helps you monitor childhood development during activities, contains information about developmental milestones and tips for talking to parents!
  • More information, guidance, and tools from the CDC can be found here.

Keep in mind these tools are not a substitute for standardized and validated developmental screening tools.




Content adapted from “Learn the Signs. Act Early.” Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (